Acquisition & Procurement

One of Parker Tide’s specialties is providing Acquisition Management Support to our Federal Clients. Parker Tide’s Acquisition Support team is supporting or has supported the Smithsonian, the Commission on Civil Rights, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Federal Communications Commission, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Integrity Applications Incorporated, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, and the General Services Administration. With over five years of completing Federal Contracts and Procurement activities for eleven Federal Agencies, Parker Tide has developed both the expertise and resources required to professionally perform Procurement Management requirements for our Federal Clients. For example, Parker Tide provides full policy and contractual oversight to a major office in one of the federal agencies. The Parker Tide team does all of the procurement duties for that agency except the signing of the actual contract documents which must be done by a FTE federal government contracting officer.

Parker Tide’s fulltime in-house employees provide management and oversight for our Contract Specialists that are currently engaged in operations at our Federal Agencies. We are continually recruiting experienced Contract Specialists to ensure that we have the best candidates possible to work for our clients. Our best resource for fulfilling our Federal Clients’ requests for Procurement Management is Parker Tide’s personal database of candidates. Our database system, eEmpACT, allows us to customize our searches to locate only those candidates that possess the specific skill set required by the specific agencies. eEmpACT also makes it possible to increase our stable of candidates and tailor our search around the requirements of our Federal Clients. Parker Tide has the largest database of Contract Specialists in the field to choose from due to our six year history of executing Contracts and Procurement Management activities for various Government agencies.

We are in continual communication with over 6,000 employees and clients who are all networking and seeking referrals for new talent. Our proprietary software enables us to email all appropriate candidates within specific search criteria. This tool has proven instrumental in identifying, recruiting and placing personnel for our Federal Clients. By tailoring our queries to match the requirements of our Federal Clients’ needs, we can quickly contact a vast pool of highly qualified candidates, thereby keeping our response time to an absolute minimum. This same software also allows us to market prospective candidates to interested agencies by notifying our Federal Clients of the available pool of Contract Specialists by highlighting their relevant experience and qualifications.