Personnel Security Services

Parker Tide excels in providing top-notch Personnel Security Services to our Federal Clients, including suitability adjudication and HSPD-12 compliance; assisting agencies that need to process and badge their new and existing full time employees and contractors on a timely basis. In many instances, background investigations are required to determine an individual’s assignment to or retention in positions with sensitive duties, other designated duties requiring such investigation, or eligibility for access to classified information. These investigations often involve personal and intimate details of an individual’s life and must be processed and conducted by Parker Tide employees with tact and discretion.

Parker Tide’s adjudicators are generally responsible for initiating the pre-screen adjudication case preparation, including scanning and attaching documents into e-QIP, initiating pre-screen adjudication checks using on-line databases, initiating e-QIP invitations to applicants, and post-investigation adjudication preparation by scanning completed investigations files into a Federal internal case management system for review and records retention. Our adjudication personnel also review, analyze, and evaluate background investigation applications and recommend adjudicative action and provide supporting documentation on completed personnel security investigations.

Our employees have successfully completed adjudicative training relative to determining suitability for Federal employment and have completed a certified course offered by the federal government or from an approved OPM certified trainer. They possess knowledge of laws, OPM guidelines, personnel security and suitability standards and other Federal agency investigation procedures such as debarment and merit fraud. Parker Tide’s adjudicators are also highly knowledgeable in personnel security and suitability training, program assessments and implementation, management evaluation, and interviewing techniques, in the support of the agency personnel security and suitability operations. They are experienced with CFR 731, 732 and 315 to analyze and adjudicate personnel security investigations and have knowledge of principles of position sensitivity and risk designation.