Investigation and Audit Support Services

Parker Tide provides contractual support services to the Federal Offices of Inspector General (OIG) in the areas of administrative investigative support; investigative field program support; administrative support; investigative information support services; and audit, management, and legal counsel support services.

We have successfully recruited, hired and retained staff for our Federal OIG offices that provide the following services:

Audit and Management Consultant Services

Our expert consultants currently work in a variety of capacities reviewing data to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of various OIG programs conducting financial research and analysis; reviewing audit reports; and developing methodologies to calculate and weigh strategy outcomes. We also work with the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of State OIG counterparts to plan for oversight of possible future overseas contingency operations which requires extensive consultation and coordination with multiple OIG personnel and representatives of other offices of inspector general.

Compliance and Legal Support

Parker Tide has supported Federal OIG’s program of compliance with numerous Federal statutes, agency regulations and directives, Executive Orders, and judicial opinions governing the conduct and functions of the OIG. Examples of recent work:

  • Supported the Legal Counsel in providing legal advice to approximately 200 staff and management members on the appropriate construction of relevant legal authorities to preserve and enhance the ability of the Inspector General to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in administration of foreign assistance programs.
  • Advised the OIG on administrative and personnel matters, ethics issues, FOIA and Privacy Act concerns, and issues arising in the course of the OIG’s criminal and administrative investigations and audit programs.

Investigative Information Support

We currently work with the Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, and special agents in charge in the Office of Inspector General (OIG) assisting with data calls and external reporting, hotline operations, procurement requests, investigative analysis, and criminal research. We work independently to provide data and reports in a professional and timely manner ensuring accuracy and applicability to requirements. Current work includes:

  • Our employees have provided Anti-Fraud Hotline Operations support to OIG operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany, Trinidad, Turkey, Jordan, Sierra Leone, New Guinea, and Italy with many of our employees traveling to these countries to ensure deliverables are being met.
  • We manage OIG’s financial-related audits by US Independent Public Accounting Firms as stipulated in the Non-Federal Financial audit requirements.
  • We provide subject matter expertise to the OIG by performing audits of activities related to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Our team is responsible for all phases of the audits including the development of audit scope and specific methodologies to test and evaluate OIG strategies and activities designed to deal with its response. Our team conducts site visits, evaluates activities to ensure execution of activities are conducted in accordance with auditing standards, evaluates data to determine implementation effectiveness, assists with interviews of US government and foreign officials, develops recommendations to ensure program improvements, prepares reports and briefs OIG officials on findings and conclusions.
    • We provide subject matter expertise and consultation services to the OIG regarding oversight of investigations and financial-related audits for for-profit, non-profit and quasi-government organizations. Our team utilizes its extensive knowledge in Cost Accounting Standards, Federal Acquisition Regulation and Office of Management Budget (OMB) Circulars to ensure federal accounting requirements are followed and met.

Parker Tide did an exceptional job helping us complete our mission; they ensured the project was completed efficiently and in a timely manner.

Branch Chief US Department of State