MAS Schedule for Human Capital Temporary Services:
GS 47QREA22D000G

In addition, Parker Tide has been awarded a separate MAS Schedule for Human Capital Temporary Services under PSC 699

Parker Tide is a CVE Verified Veteran-Owned Small Business with 20 years of experience supporting the United States Government. Parker Tide is headquartered in Washington, DC and provides Human Resources (HR) support, Personnel Security, strategic solutions and staff augmentation, nationwide.  Parker Tide has an excellent Past Performance record and a reputation of being fast, effective, and cost efficient. 
Parker Tide has been awarded a multiple award schedule (MAS Schedule) for Human Capital Services to include the following Product Service Codes (PSC): R431 -Human Capital Support, R710 – Financial Management Support, R408 -Program Management Support, R418 Legal Support, R707 – Contract Procurement/Acquisition Support, and R799 – Other Management Support

This Schedule supports the following Special Item Numbers (SINs): SIN 524292 (Separation and Retirement); SIN 541214 (Compensation and Benefits); SIN 54161 (Agency Human Capital Evaluation) SIN 541611 (Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services); SIN 541611 (Workforce Analytics and Employee Records); SIN 541612EPM (Employee Performance Management); SIN 541612ER (Employee Relations); SIN 541612HC (Agency Human Capital Strategy, Policy and Operations; SIN 541612LR (Labor Relations); SIN 56131 (Talent Acquisition); SIN 561611(Pre-Employment Background Investigations; SIN 611430TD (Talent Development); and SIN 541990L (Law Enforcement Services).

Parker Tide’s past performance is impressive. Parker Tide has provided services to all 15 Cabinet-Level Federal Departments. In fact, Parker Tide has provided services to over 50 Federal clients since its inception, including the Department of State, Department of Defense, US Agency of International Development, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and the Trade and Development Agency.
Parker Tide currently is performing under eight federal IDIQ/BPAs for HR support services.

Parker Tide Company Contacts

Marty Rathmann, Chief Operations Officer,
Parker Tide Pool 2 HCaTS Contract

Click here to view our MAS MOD Schedule for Human Capital Temporary Services: GS 47QREA22D000G

Parker Tide Corporate Information

Parker Tide is a veteran-owned, small business.

Taxpayer ID: 52-2185077
DUNS Number: 009043600
SAM Unique Entity ID (UEI): M6QXLD9AVAL8
CAGE Code: 1VPZ7