Parker Tide provides top-tier Personnel Security Services to our Federal clients, with over 15 years of trusted partnership. 

Our mission centers on upholding the integrity, security, and suitability of the Federal workforce through a range of specialized services.

“The contractor has performed exceptional management in coordinating all activities needed to execute the contract and supporting personnel security services. The contractor is very responsive and timely when responding to contract modifications with turnaround times within 1-day of request. All deliverables have been on time with no need for rework or clarification.”


We prioritize the swift and secure onboarding of personnel, ensuring they receive the necessary credentials to begin contributing effectively from day one. 

Our team actively seeks out and implements efficiencies to minimize initial delays, facilitated by our expert security assistants who are integral to a smooth onboarding experience.


Upon receipt of a completed background investigation, our adjudicators meticulously review the files within the Federal internal case management system. They ensure that an adjudicative-ready product is available for informed decision-making on personnel security matters.


Our services encompass both National Security Adjudication and Suitability Adjudication. We assess eligibility for access to classified information and sensitive national security duties based on loyalty, trustworthiness, and reliability. 

Suitability Adjudication involves evaluating an individual’s character and conduct in relation to the integrity and efficiency of their government service, following Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 731. Our adjudicators combine expertise, compliance, and efficiency to ensure a secure workforce.


After thorough analysis, our personnel provide recommendations for adjudicative action, accompanied by supporting documentation to ensure transparency and accountability. This process upholds the precision and integrity of personnel security matters. 

Our adjudication personnel are key to maintaining a trusted workforce, efficiently processing security investigations, and facilitating seamless Federal onboarding. They have completed certified courses offered by the federal government or approved OPM certified trainers and are well-versed in policy, guidelines, and personnel security standards. With a deep understanding of investigation procedures, position sensitivity, and risk designation, our team at Parker Tide excels in analyzing and adjudicating personnel security investigations to maintain a trusted workforce, always prioritizing excellence, compliance, and security.