Parker Tide offers a comprehensive suite of information technology solutions adapted to meet the needs and environment of our customers.
Our solutions harness the power of data and provide seamless technological interactions, thereby enabling federal agencies to optimize their operations and enhance their service delivery.
Our robust suite of IT solutions empowers agencies with data-driven technology for streamlined operations and improved service delivery.

“[Parker Tide] designed new webpages for career development process and opportunities…1st ever consolidation of information easily accessible to workforce…future teams now have documented knowledge to do their jobs… [Parker Tide] created the first ever Career Development Officer (CDO) Smartcard which is an all-in-one product providing quick help when providing career support and advise.”  



We transform federal operations with automation, cutting down on manual tasks, enhancing accuracy, and conserving time and resources.
We deploy automation technologies to simplify repetitive duties, freeing staff to focus on strategic work. Automation extends to workflow management, document processing, and administrative tasks, boosting operational efficiency.


Our data analytics services provide agencies with tools to mine insights from complex data.
Utilizing sophisticated analytics and algorithms, we reveal patterns and trends that shape policy, resource management, and operational enhancements.
Our offerings, including predictive modeling, statistical analysis, and machine learning, foster intelligent, data-driven decision-making.


We ensure federal teams have reliable IT support, essential for peak performance.
Our end-user support spans help desk services, technical troubleshooting, and software and hardware maintenance, coupled with comprehensive training.
We focus on user experience and system dependability to sustain productivity and reduce downtime